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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Dive spot at Yankee Point

Dive spot at Yankee Point

moon jelly

Moon Jellyfish

My dive buddy Pete & I decided to go out on a boat this weekend since the ocean was absolutely F-L-A-T. We tried to dive Lobos Rocks down the coast a bit, but the currents were deadly swift.

We ended up at Yankee Point which had pretty good vis, although not as good as last week. I got some good shots of the moon jellies at the surface and some over-under shots of the dive boat.

cod attack

Attack of the Ling Cod!

Upon our ascent, we were surprised by an enormous Ling Cod! He was so close that the camera would not fire. It initially frightened me since it bolted right up to my WA dome. I let out a scream, which underwater is a just billowing bubble stream. My eyes focused, then I got the camera focused, and shot as fast as I could. He was biting my focus light! Then, as fast as he appeared, BOOM, he was gone from view. I was sure I missed the shot, but when I got home, voila! It was clear as a bell.

sulawesi sunset

Beautiful sunset in Sulawesi, Indonesia

We were aboard the Pelagian, a five-star dive yacht in South Sulawesi in April.  It had been cloudy drizzly weather on that day, but diving was great.  Suddenly, the cloud cover parted, and the sun broke out to offer a beautiful golden Sulawesi sunset as a special gift on my 50th birthday!