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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I had the awesome opportunity to travel to the islands of Hawaii………gratis! (free)

I had met a divemaster, and fellow underwater photographer from  “Lahaina Divers”  while diving Wakatobi, South Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2009.  He recommended his shop to me, and somehow I remembered the shop name a year later when the opportunity arose.

"The Dominion"

Green Sea Turtle

Sunken Pier

In Maui, I enjoyed the sunken pier dive off LaHaina with lots of reef White Tip sharks, schools of large fish, and turtles.  There were Frogfish too, but I missed that one.

The Manta dive was a bust for everyone except me.  I followed my instincts and ventured away from the large group on the reef towards deeper waters.  I captured an Eagle Ray on this dive.

Eagle Ray

The boat ride to Molokai was brutal!  Most of the divers hurled over the sides.  It is the second roughest channel in the world.  The swells were so large that my 6′ safety sausage was not visible to the boat crew upon surfacing!  We even had a wave crash over our heads while floating in the open ocean.  We were bobbing in the 15′ waves on the surface for 20 minutes.  This was considered a mild wave day.  This is NOT a beginner dive.  The only saving grace is that a Hammerhead scout came right up to me to look into my lens dome. I was eye to eye with this beautiful creature!

Hammerhead Shark

Lanai was a beautiful place to dive.  The Cathedrals are spectacular.  We went one by one into a cavern where the ocean swells surge through.  We positioned ourselves at the mouth of the opening awaiting our turns one by one.  About every 30 seconds the strong surge sucks you straight out the window of the cathedral and spits you onto the reef outside the structure.

Cathedral Surge Corridor

The reef was beautiful in Lanai as well.  I got a shot of an eel hiding in the coral while others divers were passing by.

Spotted Moray Eel in Coral & Diver

Lanai Reef

Hawaii was a pretty decent place to dive to my surprise.  Not my favorite, but definitely worth a quick 5 hour direct flight from San Jose.