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Padre Trails Camera Club awarded me with this Recognition of Outstanding Achievement!  I won 2nd place for 
“IMAGE OF THE YEAR for 2012-2013”
The winning image was from my 2013 January scuba trip to St. Kitts & Saba aboard the CEX II. It is a macro shot of a tiny Arrow-crab atop a Spiny Sea Urchin which I spotted on one of the wrecks off the island of Saba. 

Transparent ShrimpNew photos posted in Monterey gallery today. We did a dive at Wharf 2 in Monterey.  The visibility was about 8 feet, the water temperature was around 52 degrees.  This was a macro photography day.!i=2483006661&k=HLfWZ5z

I was within arms length of the ocean's most feared apex predator!Swimming with Great White Sharks
Metallic Archival Print 24″x 36″
© 2011 Karen Schofield, R.N.

My Sea Nettle photo won photo of the day April 7th, 2012 for the Monterey Herald’s

photo contest called, “Capture Monterey.”

It has a chance to be published in Monterey’s popular “GO!” magazine.


Cozumel was my first warm water destination after logging about 60 dives in cold water  between Monterey and the Channel Islands in 2005.

I was so enchanted by the warm breeze, 80 degree water, and 100+ foot visibility that I wanted to move there.  Cozumel was literally a dream come true.  I have had 2 recurring dreams since childhood.  One is that I can fly in my dreams, the other is that I can breathe underwater.  As I swiftly glided along with the current with my dive buddies I suddenly realized that these two dreams had become a reality.

Now, 6 years and over 200 dives later I returned to Cozumel to enjoy some drift diving as a more experienced diver, as well as owning a better underwater camera.

Dive spot at Yankee Point

Dive spot at Yankee Point

moon jelly

Moon Jellyfish

My dive buddy Pete & I decided to go out on a boat this weekend since the ocean was absolutely F-L-A-T. We tried to dive Lobos Rocks down the coast a bit, but the currents were deadly swift.

We ended up at Yankee Point which had pretty good vis, although not as good as last week. I got some good shots of the moon jellies at the surface and some over-under shots of the dive boat.

cod attack

Attack of the Ling Cod!

Upon our ascent, we were surprised by an enormous Ling Cod! He was so close that the camera would not fire. It initially frightened me since it bolted right up to my WA dome. I let out a scream, which underwater is a just billowing bubble stream. My eyes focused, then I got the camera focused, and shot as fast as I could. He was biting my focus light! Then, as fast as he appeared, BOOM, he was gone from view. I was sure I missed the shot, but when I got home, voila! It was clear as a bell.